I have tried importing tax rules and although it says successful via the system>import tax module - nothing has been imported. Checked the table to make sure but nothing is there. I have looked in the normal log files to see if I can see any errors but nothing visible.

I tested by exporting the existing tax rates (this is a clean 2.2.5 install so just the standard 3 US rates available) - changed the name and rates and imported. Still says imported successfully but nothing to be seen.

Any advice on where I might find the errors or is the command line option I can try where I will see any errors?

Any clues or advice very welcome.

Code Country State Zip/Post Code Rate Zip/Post is Range Range From Range To default

US CA * Rate 2 US CA * 9.1    
US NY * Rate 2 US NY * 9.2    
US MI * Rate 2 US MI * 9.3 

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