In onestepcheckout page if a user has saved addresses then the saved addresses are shown in a select box with an additional option of "Add new address". Screenshot enter image description here

I am using Idev->Onestepcheckout extension. "Enable AJAX save billing" option is made yes from admin panel.

Now my problem is when I click on saved addresses and check chrome's network tab then I can see a action being hit i.e. save_billing. This action has the code for submitting the selected address to database.

Now If I select add new address option then I get a form where I can fill new address. This form is now submitted at the last after all the options are selected such as payment_method and shipping_method. But I could not locate the code how this form's data is submitted to database. My form action is "https://example.com/onestepcheckout/" . I checked index action of index controller in onestepcheckout module but I could not find any code there which is responsible for saving the above data to database. Anyone could help me in finding how the form data is saved.

  • Please contact onestepcheckout.com support, the contact details are available on our website. Aug 19, 2018 at 11:37

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In onestepcheckout


_handlePostData function is responsible for handling the form data and saving it to database.

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