I was able to start migration tool between and 2,2 but it did not complete due to mismatch of data.

When i logged in to M2 backend, css was gone and i just had a white background with the links. Frontend was working.

I did reindex and clean the cache but had a 'no such entity" message. On the exception.log i can see this error:


On the websiteRepository.php I see this block:

public function getById($id) { if (isset($this->entitiesById[$id])) { return $this->entitiesById[$id]; }

    $websiteData = $this->getAppConfig()->get('scopes', "websites/$id", []);
    $website = $this->factory->create([
        'data' => $websiteData

    if ($website->getId() === null) {
        throw new NoSuchEntityException();
    $this->entities[$website->getCode()] = $website;
    $this->entitiesById[$id] = $website;
    return $website;

Line 102 is: throw new NoSuchEntityException();

Now I cannot access frontend or backend,I just have a blank page.

Is there any way to fix this?



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