How can I use the Layout Update XML to modify a block that's been embedded in a CMS page. I'm embedding the Magento login block into a CMS page, which works fine, but it does not show the 'Remember Me' checkbox by default. I would like to add the 'Remember Me' checkbox using a Layout Update.

Block embedded in CMS page:


Layout Update XML:

<referenceContainer name="form.additional.info">
    <block class="Magento\Persistent\Block\Form\Remember" 

The module-persistent customer_account_login.xml uses this same layout update to add the checkbox on the login page so I thought it would work in a CMS page too. I thought wrong.

Here's a snippet of the login.phtml where the block should render: Here's a snippet of the login.phtml where the block should render

I have tried placing the layout update in the CMS page and also in the cms_page_view.xml file, but the Remember block is never rendered.

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