We are facing a regression during an Magento update from 2.1.12 to 2.2.5 which I want to understand better.

Our code looks like this and is in a block on a tab of the backend order sales

public function getPostUrl()
    return $this->getUrl('orderattachments/upload/index');

The result of this call includes the order_id key in the URL, for example is


Now in 2.2.5 we get only


After lots of debugging I tracked this down to




In the recent version, _getRouteParams is not called anymore, which, during my debugging session, revealed that this adds they order_id parameter.

Is this intended (so essentially like https://xkcd.com/1172/) and I should now add the order_id manually or is this a regression in the core that should be patched?


I have been told, that is makes more sense to supply that parameter manually and not to expect that request params are added automatically.

It was an easy fix:

public function getPostUrl()
    return $this->getUrl('orderattachments/upload/index',
         ['order_id' => $this->getOrder()->getId()]


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