The code message is shown between 'Your order has been received' and 'Thank you for your purchase'. The template success.phtml looks like this:

<div class="page-title">
    <h1><?php echo $this->__('Your order has been received.') ?></h1>
<?php echo $this->getMessagesBlock()->toHtml() ?>
<h2 class="sub-title"><?php echo $this->__('Thank you for your purchase!') ?></h2>

Why is this showing this message? What could be going wrong? Where I should look for?

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    Somehow your success message during adding to cart was not shown which was stored in magento session now when magento gets <?php echo $this->getMessagesBlock()->toHtml() ?> then it shows the message. Try to check why its now shown during adding product to cart. – Sukumar Gorai Aug 10 at 8:05
  • This looks logical to me; as soon as I went back to the product page, I saw the message right there appearing; when a product is added to the shopping cart I am redirected to the checkout page, which does not load getMessagesBlock() – Julian Murillo Aug 14 at 17:11
  • Right. You need to check why its not loading in check if its added. – Sukumar Gorai Aug 14 at 17:14

You should check your template 1. configuration > Design > "Templates" 2. Then if everything is all right There You should check your Design layout. 3. Check your plugins.

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