I was wondering how long a deployment of Magento ECE was supposed to take. Everytime I push on Magento Cloud it takes 30 minutes at least. I wonder if that is "Magento normal" or not?

Apparently Magento ECE has a normal deployment duration:

Is there any way to increase this process speed ?

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There are several options to decrease the time of deployment:

  1. Move SCD on build phase Build phase
  2. Enable SCD on demand SCD_ON_DEMAND
  3. Use SCD matrix SCD_MATRIX
  • And what if we have changes in the static content ? Does that mean that we have to run it manually ? It seems that a lot of changes affect static content, so it will make it even more complicated/slow
    – Aphroz
    Oct 16, 2018 at 16:14

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