I've searched the site for any answers relating to this with Magento2 but cannot find anything which works.

My website works fine on the front end but if I try to access the admin page at /admin the site throws an exception, the exception file contains the error:

Front controller reached 100 router match iterations.

I've not added any custom routes or anything like that. All I was doing prior to this was adding SSL which seemed to work fine for a while then once I edited a base URL (then changed it back) I've started having these issues.

Hopefully someone can shed some light as I've exhausted nearly all options now bar paying someone to take a look at it. I've added screenshots of some core_config_data rows which may be of use.

Also, if I change the web/secure/use_in_adminhtml from 1 to 0. I get a different error: Too many redirects. The url seems to keep switching from www. to non-www.


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