I have enabled the production mode in my Magento 2.2.4 version, disabled the static sign functionality and added the parameter: urlArgs:"version='test'" in requirejs-config.js file. I have enabled the minify js functionality from the backend of Magento 2 . If i do not add this parameter all the dependency are loaded without any issues with the .min.js suffix, but once i added that parameter for cache busting functionality, all the dependency are loading with .js suffix and ignoring the .min.js files. I am unable to find the solution for this, can anyone please suggest me a solution for it?

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I have found a solution to this issue. I will say it is not a perfect solution, the below solution has solved my issue, so i am posting it here so that it can help others facing this issue.

Cause of the problem: The problem was that after enabling the production mode in my Magento 2 instance, disabling static version sign and enabling the js minification from backend requirejs was not loading the few .js files as min.js. So after long hours of debugging i found out that requirejs-min-resolver.min.js was the culprit. It was not loading few min.js files, the problem is with this line of code where the regular expression: url=url.replace(/(\.min)?\.js$/,'.min.js'); was not loading few .js files as min.js.

The fix: requirejs-min-resolver.min.js file is created from this php class, override this below method using di.xml:


public function getMinResolverCode()
        $excludes = [];
        foreach ($this->minification->getExcludes('js') as $expression) {
            $excludes[] = '!url.match(/' . str_replace('/', '\/', $expression) . '/)';
        $excludesCode = empty($excludes) ? 'true' : implode('&&', $excludes);

        $result = <<<code
    var ctx = require.s.contexts._,
        origNameToUrl = ctx.nameToUrl;

    ctx.nameToUrl = function() {
        var url = origNameToUrl.apply(ctx, arguments);
        if ({$excludesCode}) {
            //url = url.replace(/(\.min)?\.js$/, '.min.js'); // commented this line of code.
           //added below line of code 
        if( (url.match('static/frontend/Vendor') || url.match('static/adminhtml/Magento')) && !url.match('.min.js') && !url.match('.json')){url=url.replace('.js','.min.js');} 
        return url;


        if ($this->minification->isEnabled('js')) {
            $result = $this->minifyAdapter->minify($result);
        return $result;

Note: The expression that i have used has full filled my requirment, please change that according to your own requirement.

Solution impact area: The above expression will blindly start adding the .min.js extension to all the .js files that are loaded from our Magento 2 instance. Please take care that it does not start adding the .min.js extension to third party .js files even though i have taken care of it in the above custom expression.


In my case, it was enough to add into xml this part of code

<block class="Magento\RequireJs\Block\Html\Head\Config" name="requirejs-config"/>

in situation of collision to read *.js vs *.min.js dependencies.

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