Trying to call a widget (from a custom form extension) in a phtml.

Here's what it looks like when embedded in a CMS page:

{widget type="PluginCompany\ContactForms\Block\Form\Widget\View" form_id="1" show_form_as="form"}

How would I print this in a phtml file, and in such a way that passes those parameters?

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You must define this class into your block


So that you can call it from your template.

Then create a function like:

public function getWidgetBlock() {
    return $this->widgetBlock;

Where $this->widgetBlock is the variable which will set for widget class in constructor.

Then call this function in phtml, then set those variables like: setFormId(1); and setShowFormAs('form');

After setting these variables you can get widget output by calling function toHtml() from this variable.

For Eg:

$widget = $block->getWidgetBlock(); 

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