I've recently got a Magento 2 website project and I'm not sure which edition of Magento that I should go with.

I Know Magento 2 EE has many advantages over the CE edition, but I need details only in terms of performance.

I don't want to tell the client why EE is better than CE, but want to tell him the limitations of CE like

  • how many concurrent users can be there.
  • how many no. of products, SKU, categories, images, etc.
  • best hosting for Magento 2 so site speed will be much faster.

I know concurrent users are dependent upon the server but don't know what is the limitation for Magento 2 CE.

Hence please can somebody explain to me what are the limitations of Magento 2 CE.

Thank you very much.

  • Ask Magento sales. I'm sure they are happy to tell you limitations. – steros Jul 30 '18 at 12:42