I am looking for extension to change the checkout process for a client. The userbase of the site in question is 40+, many of them can't really use a computer, not talking about sending orders on a webshop.

The problem is that in most cases the users create an account when they send their first order, but they have no idea what password they used, and they can't see the "I forgot my password" under under the login form. So next time when they send their order they try to login, they try to create a new account (which of course the system doesn't let them to do, as the email address is already in use) so they send out their order as guests, and they are angry because they didn't receive their bonus points (there is a reward point system running on the website).

We want to change to checkout page to the following, if a user is not logged in: 1. one field to enter the email address 2a. if the email address is already in use, it should ask for the password -> if the password is miss typed 3x a message should be prompted to reset the password 2b. if the email address was not used before it should ask if the user wants to create an account or he/she wants check out as a guest

I searched for any existing extensions that can do this but I couldn't fond one. Any suggestions?

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