I am using magento 2.2 on my web system but, the theme i want to install its compatible with magento 1.9.As i already know that both two versions of magento completely different but if it's possible to migrate 1.9 to 2.1/2.2 then there must be a way to migrate those themes also and i already studied this types of related post and i found that If i want to use that, I need refactor the theme codes and have to change the entire theme architecture. And I'm interested to do that, But not getting proper guideline! so, can any experts here can give me a proper guideline to do this job! I am not expert or a professional developer who lives for developing, um just a teenaged passionate. i mean c'mon this what "Stack Exchange" made for na?? As a open source platform and just think if this could be possible to migrate 1.9 themes to 2.2 how great it would be for others magento users! I hardly believe many of magento users are not just upgrading magento store just because of they have to lose their beloved store outlook and not only that but also many of them paid/purchased that theme! so, can anyone help me with a proper guideline what to do exactly for make this migration possible! Thankyou!

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