I'm facing an issue with currency on PayPal using Payflow Pro payment method in Magento 2.1.12

In-Store, there is 2 currency CAD and USD for each store view and I have used Amasty Geo IP Redirect extension to switch currency automatically.

The default currency is CAD.

In Amasty Geo IP Redirect extension I have made settings of currency like as following: 1. Currency CAD for Canada Country 2. Currency USD for all country except Canada

So, some of the customer placing an order from the US using USD currency and placing an order using Payflow Pro payment method, Currency charged in CAD on Paypal Account instead of USD.

If customer carrying currency USD then it should be charged on USD on Paypal. If customer carrying currency CAD then it is working fine and charged on CAD on Paypal.

Please help me, Help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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