I am trying to add to the scope options when calling the data-binds for customer details, ie;

<span id="customer-full-name" data-bind="text: customer().fullname"></span>

so I travel over to /vendor/magento/module-customer/CustomerData/Customer.php

and add (for testing purposes, if successful, just create a module for it):

$customer = $this->currentCustomer->getCustomer();
return [
        'fullname'  => $this->customerViewHelper->getCustomerName($customer),
        'firstname' => $customer->getFirstname(),
        'websiteId' => $customer->getWebsiteId(),
        'groupId'   => $customer->getGroupId(),

However, this doesn't work, nor has any other variations I've tried.

I know in other areas, say the dashboard info area, I can use:

<?= $block->escapeHtml($block->getCustomer()->getGroupId()) ?>

And it will work there, but I am trying to get this achieved in other areas (for specific catered content to specific groups)

Will appreciate the help!

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