I want replace Product images of the minicart (Top-Right) with own. I have written jQuery to call a service and replace the original images with my own corresponding to the ID.

Is there any other way available and I'm hard coding the minicart file How can I override the minicart images without touching the minicart file (used Vadmin/blanco). Theme independent solution is better.

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Have you tried changing css file:

.top-link-cart { background url('../images/cart.png') left center no-repeat; }

You image there.


Depending on your theme, you'll have to find the template file (.phtml) that is called in a loop to display the products in a minicart (eg : ....template/checkout/cart/sidebar/default.phtml)

You'll find something like

<span class="product-image">...</span>

There you can change the <img> 's src to your webservice's pictures.

Hope this helps ;)

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