I have a step added to checkout where i want to put some pre defined coupon codes buttons so the user can just click a button to apply the code if they want a sample for example.

For now I can apply a coupon with below form however causes a page reload on checkout:

<form id="discount-coupon-form-ajax" action="/checkout/cart/couponPost/" method="post">
    <input id="coupon_code" class="input-text" name="coupon_code" type="hidden" value="FREESAMPLE" /> 
    <button class="action apply primary" type="submit" value="Apply Discount"> 
        <span>Free Sample</span> 

The checkout however has a much more elegant ajax version of applying a coupon code however and was wondering how i could harness this functionality?

I have tried with some standard jquery like below:

$(document).on("submit", '#discount-coupon-form-ajax', function(event) {  

This however was for Magento 1 I believe and does not respond in json and just seems to respond a standard checkout page. Not sure how to get the coupon controller to respond in json or however it normally responds or if this is possible anymore with code like above.

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