After logged in admin I can't see reviews listing. Also in product edit page in admin review listing not showing. Any one know what is the solution?

enter image description here

Log File Showing Error Below

[2018-07-24 06:25:27] main.DEBUG: cache_invalidate: {"method":"GET","url":"http://localhost/magento2/admin/review/product/index/key/33716591056fa74ee620fcd6424973062b37f27da9b6fe33cc1bcab69a9e5ba0/","invalidateInfo":{"tags":["interception","CONFIG"],"mode":"matchingTag"}} []

[2018-07-24 06:30:49] main.DEBUG: cache_invalidate: {"method":"GET","url":"http:/","invalidateInfo":{"tags":["interception","CONFIG"],"mode":"matchingTag"}} []

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