Just stumbled upon the quote_address_id property of sales/order_address entity (sales_flat_order_address table) which in my case is always NULL.

Well I wonder .. what is is for? My only guess it is used at the stage when order is not yet finalised but I failed to find a proof in the code. Another guess may be backward compatibility.

The existence of this property/column is not critical of course. Just a question of curiosity.

  • Also there is quote_id in sales_flat_order table. – MagePsycho Jun 10 '14 at 8:50

Prior to Magento v1.4 quote_address_id was an attribute of the order entity. It looks like it was moved to the flat format in 1.4 along with many other attributes but I can't see it being used anywhere meaningful. I'd say it's a legacy item that's no longer in use.

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