I have tried numerous installations of magento on Bitnami and I keep getting the below error when trying to upgrade using 'sudo php /opt/bitnami/apps/magento/htdocs/bin/magento-cli setup:upgrade':

Check the user before running the command if [ id | sed -e s/uid=//g -e s/\(.*//g -ne 0 ]; then echo "Please run this script using admin privileges (as root user or using sudo). This way, it will use the proper user to run the Magento's command" >> /dev/stderr exit 1 fi Run the Magento's commands using the web servers' user and group su daemon -s /bin/bash -c "/opt/bitnami/php/bin/php /opt/bitnami/apps/magento/htdocs/bin/magento $*"

I have tried changing permissions and group users on all files but it doesnt seem to make any difference. Please advise. Thank you!

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You should execute the magento-cli script directly, not via the PHP interpreter:

cd /opt/bitnami/apps/magento/htdocs
sudo bin/magento-cli setup:upgrade

Also, make sure you are logging in to the box as the "bitnami" user. If you're on EC2, it will by default suggest the "ubuntu" user. While logging in does work, it appears to cause some issues when the magento-cli script attempts to su daemon.

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