Running 2.2.5 (Luma)

In the category, when I use Display Mode: Products only or Static block and products, the layered navigation is clearly visible on the frontend. However, as soon as I switch to Static block only the Layered Navigation is no longer visible.

I've tried this on 2 seperate 2.2.5 installations. Did something change since 2.2.2 because I'm sure this used to work before upgrading.

EDIT: I just installed 2.2.2 (Luma + Sample Data) and tested. It seems this didn't used to happen.

  • Seems, this is normal. Whenever I select category Display Mode: Static Block Only. The layered navigation and products should not be visible. Because I select this mode to show only static block's contents in the category page, not products or filter. – Milan Chandro Jul 23 '18 at 12:04
  • Magento 2 Demo Data circumvented that by using <referenceContainer name="catalog.leftnav" remove="true"/> in the Layout Update XML section of the category. Perhaps this updated change is in fact by design. So that leads me to the question, How do I get it back... – Craig Jul 23 '18 at 12:07

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