I made multiple stores in the sub directories(language is store name). And all the stores use https. But the problem is that when i switch to another store, it become logged out automatically. In normal case, SID should work properly across stores, but it is not working.

SID arguments looks normal. ex)


But if i use http, not https, every thing works like magic, So SID works only for http, not https.

The setting that i use is these.

"Use SID on Frontend" - YES

"Use Secure URLs in Frontend" - YES

secure "Base URL" - https://www.domain.com

secure "Base Link URL" - {{unsecure_base_url}}english/

unsecure "Base URL" - https://www.domain.com

unsecure "Base Link URL" - {{secure_base_url}}english/

"Cookie Lifetime" - 86400

"Cookie Path" - 

"Cookie Domain" - 

"Use HTTP Only" - YES

"Cookie Restriction Mode" - YES

SSL certificate domain is "www.domain.com", "domain.com"

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I have changed my "Cookie Path" from empty to "/". It solve this issue.

I guess SID or frontend_cid is not working well in the cross stores of https with subdirectory environment.

Something like subdirectory causes session cookie path confused in the https.

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