I've built a website using Magento version 2.2.3. Now, I want to stress test my website. I've heard that the JMeter is one of the best tools for testing the performance of the site.

So I used JMeter for stress testing. The attached image is the summary report of stress test for our website:

enter image description here

From this report, how to check whether my website is good enough when there is a huge load?

Please comment.


Jmeter shows the reports in different formats with different values related to each specific request you hit. To understand what this report parameter stats you can get the details at : http://www.testingjournals.com/understand-summary-report-jmeter/ or you can also read the Jmeter user guide.

Once you understand the report parameters, you can compare those with your requirement and standards to understand the performance of your website.

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