In one page checkout I want to make one step instead two separate steps (default is one for shipping, one for payments methods). So I made changes in

  • checkout_index_index - removed payment-steps and moved item name="payment" xsi:type="array" to shipping-step
  • in LayoutProcessor.process changed payment localization to shipping-step
  • in js/view/payment.js removed stepNavigator.registerStep and added this.navigate() which calls getPaymentInformation() and sets block as visible

It worked out but I'm getting message that there are no payments. I think problem is in loading payments list. When are two steps, second step (this with payment) is loaded after clicking on button below shipping methods. This button

  • sends address data to server (setShippingInformation) by calling url /rest/default/V1/guest-carts/xxxx/payment-information
  • get back payments list (and paymentService.setPaymentMethods is called)
  • and then shows second step (stepNavigator.next())

So before showing second step, payments are loaded from server. I could call this url /rest/default/V1/guest-carts/xxxx/payment-information but it requires address data in parameters. So it looks like payments methods can be resolved only after address is filled? But I want to show payments methods just after loading without looking at address.

At the beginnig of payments.js I noticed also this code paymentService.setPaymentMethods(methodConverter(window.checkoutConfig.paymentMethods)); It looks like that this code also loads payments list, so maybe I can assign somewhere in php code payments list to checkoutConfig?

Does anybody known how do this?

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