I think this started happening after upgrading to Magento 2.2 EE.

In my var/log directory, I have 2 files that Magento has created that have duplicate content: system.log and support_report.log.

If my memory serves correctly, those two files have always existed, but lines written to system.log were generally more severe errors generated by core magento modules. Any less severe, or anything in my custom modules that used \Psr\Log\LoggerInterface->log->info() would get written to support_report.log.

Has something changed in recent versions of Magento thats causing these duplicate logs? Is there a way to separate or stop logging to one of the files?

Or, more likely, is it a Magento bug?

  • I've been wondering this too. When system.log starts getting complainy, and I see tens of MB of log files in there... it's all duplicated into support_report.log. We currently ship all the log files to an ElasticSearch cluster, and it's incredibly annoying to have to deal with this duplicate log file. – geerlingguy Mar 28 at 21:49

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