I'm investigate a compatibility problem with two m1 extensions.

For this I need a simply output of any information I can get about Mage::getSingleton('checkout/cart')->getQuote().

I have tried following (single, not all together):

$cart = Mage::getSingleton('checkout/cart')->getQuote();
file_put_contents(__DIR__ . '/debug.txt', var_export($cart, 1), FILE_APPEND);   
file_put_contents(__DIR__ . '/debug.txt', print_r($cart, 1), FILE_APPEND);  
file_put_contents(__DIR__ . '/debug.txt', print_r(get_object_vars($cart), 1), FILE_APPEND);

But this leads to a crash while the execution (From the checkout submit (after clicking order), I fall back to the cart page). This is strange, because I use Information out of $cart, at the same place. Examp: $checkoutCartQuote->getAllItems(); gives me the articles. Just 1 line above the file_put_contents. So why does it just crash when I try var_export/print_r it?

But more important: How do I now get an Output like var_dump or print_r on this object? I need to see any properties with any values.

As I work on a shop of a client, I only have limited FTP access and no access to apache log. The exception Log of M1 didn't got new lines since I started working today.

  • The Crash may isn't caused by file_put_contents, because I removed the line and it still crashes. But If I do an file_put_contents(DIR . '/debug.txt', 'foo 123' FILE_APPEND); at the same line, foo 123 appears in the debug.txt. While the other command from my question, doesn't generate something in debug.txt. – FuFu Jul 19 '18 at 13:13

It's likely you're actually hitting a memory limit in PHP when trying to parse the entire quote object. You could:

  • Use a debugger, like xdebug, and inspect the data through that.

  • append ->getData() to the end of getQuote() to get only the data fields, not the entire object.

  • Increase the PHP memory limit, by using ini_set('memory_limit', '-1'); at the top of the script (this should be fine for debugging, but don't commit this to production)

Personally, I'd go for the first one if you have the time.

  • Ty, the ->getData() worked for me. xdebug would be better, but I don't have this kind of access to the host. – FuFu Jul 20 '18 at 10:05

Did you try?


I think the full quote object is too big to print.

  • Ty, this answer worked for me. – FuFu Jul 20 '18 at 10:05

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