After migrating M1.9 Data to M2.2.5, I've noticed an issue with updating Category Information. I imported both Categories and Products together, but only Categories are affected.


If I go into an imported category, I can change any of the values. However, the changes aren't reflected on the frontend.

Initial Tests

  • If I add a new category to an imported category, all changes I make show just fine on the frontend.
  • I've done the obvious like Clear Cache/Reindex/Enable and Disable Flat Tables but it doesn't make a difference.

What I discovered

I did a deep dive into the DB. I discovered that all of the catalog_category_ tables are being updated correctly. However, the catalog_category_flat_store_1 remains incorrect ever after reindexing. So, I then decided to TRUNCATE the table and reindex Magento. After reindexing, the table truncated table is re-populated with the old values again.

I have no idea where this old data is being pulled from to re-populate the table. Plus, Magento shouldn't even be pulling from the table because 'Use Flat Catalog Category' is set to 'No'.


Update 1

After some more digging around in the DB, I discovered that the catalog_category_ tables are in-fact incorrect. I'm running a single-store setup. However, there are duplicate entries under both store_id=0 and store_id=1. I can see that the values I change in the backend of Magento affect store_id=1 but Frontend & Flat Category are pulling from store_id=0.

Interestingly enough the Test Category I manually created after the import is showing as store_id=0. So it looks like Magento is looking all the table entries, but prioritising any Category with store_id=1 data if it finds it.

Update 2

Figured I'd try Stores > Configuration > General > General > Single-Store Mode = Yes. No noticable changes.

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