I'm using EaDesgin/magento2-pdf-generator2 to format the customer's invoice. This works nice. But in this template I use the magento 2 variable {{var invoice.created_at}}, what gives me the ugly format 'yyyy-mm-dd h:i:s'.

I want to reformat this date. Maybe I could add a custom variable (not with backend, there I cannot use PHP functions), or a filter to invoice.created_at. Where can I do that?

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I solved the problem by adding a new function to Model/Order/Invoice.php:

public function getInvoiceDate(){
        $cdate = $this->getCreatedAt();
        $invoiceDate = date('d. M. Y', strtotime($cdate));
        return $invoiceDate;

Then you can use {{var invoice.invoice_date}} to display the formatted date.

Tested with Magento 2.2.3 and EADesign Invoice PDF Generator 1.2.2

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