I'm working on a website for our company using magento 2.1.12. It has been built on local server, xampp. Now we have to migrate it into aws. Currently, the basic setup of the website has been done and there are not many products or images. But I have a couple of extensions installed such as, BSS COMMERCE and SolideWebservices.

The system admin of our company has purchased a domain and provided me URL, Admin URL, username, password for magento and IP address, SSH username and SSH key file (.pem file) for server (aws). After checking the admin URL, I realized that the system admin (or provider) has installed magento2.2.4 while purchasing a domain. Now I'm wondering how to transfer the website that I created thus far.

Would it be easy to build a website all from scratch on magento 2.2.4 or transfer the (website) files from earlier version (magento 2.1.12)? If I have to start from scratch on newer version (magento 2.2.4),would the magento be installed along with apache, mysql and php and I just have to connect to the instance using SSH?

If I have to transfer, what are the steps to be taken?

I have been checking a lot lately regarding this process, for example

https://www.inkthemes.com/how-to-install-wordpress-on-amazon-aws-ec2/ and many more ...

Now it is confusing me that I cannot make out where to and how to take the steps from after getting the information from System admin that are mentioned above.

Either way, please help me how I can put the website on aws. I would be happy if someone guides me in this process. I'm in the process of learning magento and cloud computing while I work.

I'd appreciate your help.


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