Its my first question so I am very excited to become part of this big community.

I am experiencing an issue with the cart.The point is when I press the browser back button after adding some product to my cart the cart appears empty. But when I reload the page the cart is now with the product I added before.

Is there any way to get the cart updated when I press the browser back button like when I refresh the page?

Thank you!

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I think this is coming from the browser cache and it's not a Magento bug, you have to add a back button in your next page pointing to the cart url $this->getBaseUrl().'checkout/cart/' so here you wi'll reload the cart page data from Magento instead of the browser cached one, OR maybe you have some cache in your Magento which also creates this issue !

  • Thank you Prince but I need to gete the cart when the user press the browser back button. I know is not Magento bug but, is not any way to store the cart in session and reload it when the browser back event is fired? Thank you! Jul 12, 2018 at 6:03

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