I re-enabled the frontend global search and while the autocomplete suggestion work, any query returns the following error.

I do notice the URL search does look like this when clicking any suggestion


1 exception(s):
Exception #0 (InvalidArgumentException): Invalid filter type
Exception #0 (InvalidArgumentException): Invalid filter type
/www/vendor/magento/framework/Search/Request/Cleaner.php(113): Magento\Framework\Search\Request\Cleaner->cleanFilter('visibility_filt...')
/www/vendor/magento/framework/Search/Request/Cleaner.php(212): Magento\Framework\Search\Request\Cleaner->cleanQuery('visibility')

When I dug deep, and check that class the visibility_filter did exist. Is there some additional catalog search setting that needs to be changed?

I have been stump for a couple days now.

Similar to Unanswered overflow question (link below).

Search in Magento products error: Invalid filter type

  • I have the same problem. how you solved it? – Kamik Oct 5 '18 at 10:11

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