While trying to migrate, I have some complaints about magento not having source / destination documents mapped; however, they are in map.xml (default there, no need to tweak).

I'm using the correct migration tool (2.2.5) from 1.6.2.

←[0;31m[2018-07-10 00:52:26][ERROR]: Source documents are not mapped:core_store,core_store_group,core_website
←[0m←[0;31m[2018-07-10 00:52:26][ERROR]: Destination documents are not mapped: store ,store_group,store_website
←[0m←[0;34m[NOTICE]: You can use --auto or -a option to ignore not mapped differences between source and destination to continue migration

I have double checked source database and the tables are in the old magento database.

Any ideas?


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