we are using magento 2.1.9ce.

In the ordermails are now (by default shown) the name, sku, qty, price and the size attribute.

Now I would like to add a custom attribute to this. The name of the attribute is 'artikelnummer'. But only the parent product has this attribute.

How can I add this to the transactional e-mail? So it reads this attribute from the parent product


You can do it by observer for event email_order_set_template_vars_before which has sender and transport which is instance of Magento\Framework\DataObject.

In your observer find your attribute and then set it to transport by ->setData() method

  • Thats sounds complicated .... I can do Some html and understand little php. Is that easy to do?
    – Ronny
    Jul 10 '18 at 11:14
  • Here is tutorial how to create observer in Magento webkul.com/blog/observers-in-magento2 in events.xml just put event name email_order_set_template_vars_before and the in execute() method something like: $transport = $observer->getTransport(); if(null !== $transport) { //Add here your code to get your custom attribute } Jul 11 '18 at 5:58

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