I want to add a parameter at the end of the static content urls, but i am unable to find a global method where i can make a change and it starts reflecting on the all static content urls.

My file and code where i tried making the changes:

File path: vendor/magento/framework/View/Asset/Repository.php

code that i tried to modify:

public function createAsset($fileId, array $params = [])
        list($module, $filePath) = self::extractModule($fileId);
        if (!$module && $params['module']) {
            $module = $params['module'];

        if (!isset($params['publish'])) {
            $map = $this->getRepositoryFilesMap($fileId, $params);
            if ($map) {
                $params = array_replace($params, $map);

        $isSecure = isset($params['_secure']) ? (bool) $params['_secure'] : null;
        $themePath = isset($params['theme']) ? $params['theme'] : $this->design->getThemePath($params['themeModel']);
        $context = $this->getFallbackContext(
        return $this->fileFactory->create(
                'source' => $this->assetSource,
                'context' => $context,
                'filePath' => $filePath."?mytest='value'",
                'module' => $module,
                'contentType' => $this->assetSource->getContentType($filePath)

Where "?mytest='value'", is my custom parameter that i want to pass globally for all the static files that load from my pub/static folder through web url.

Example relative url that i want to load for all the static content urls: en_US/Magento_Ui/js/lib/knockout/bindings/bootstrap.js?mytest='value'

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i found the answer for my above question.

URLs that are created during the page load time are create from the file:


In the method:


Requirejs dependency urls are loaded from the requirejs-config.js file.

I hope this answer helps others looking to modify functionality related to static urls.

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