I'm in the process of data migration, using the data migration tool. I'm getting the following error. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm migrating to Magento 2.2.5.

2018-07-09 14:55:56][INFO][mode: data][stage: volume check][step: EAV Step]: 
100% [============================] Remaining Time: < 1 sec
[2018-07-09 14:55:56][ERROR]: Class fileattributes/attribute_backend_file does 
not exist but mentioned in: eav_attribute.backend_model for attribute_id=146
[2018-07-09 14:55:56][ERROR]: Class fileattributes/attribute_frontend_file 
does not exist but mentioned in: eav_attribute.frontend_model for 
[2018-07-09 14:55:56][ERROR]: Class fileattributes/form_element_file does not 
exist but mentioned in: catalog_eav_attribute.frontend_input_renderer for 

You can use class-map.xml.dist to fix this. Make a copy of the file "class-map.xml" and change in your config.xml to point to this one instead of the .dist one. Then (tag leave empty) Or ignore problematic attribute in eav-attribute-groups.xml.dist



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