I created a module which is changing some of the behaviours on the bundle product. I also need to create some CSS and I did create a file and attach in a layout by doing this:

<css src="Bachus_BundleContextPros::css/bundle_style.css"/>. 

Now the problem is that the store is multi-store with different colour shapes.

My question is how do apply to different versions of my bundle_style.css for each store ?


You just have to copy that CSS file in : /web/i18n/code_ISO/css/style.css then your css will be loaded for that store So:

  1. app/code/Bachus/BundleContextPros/view/frontend/layout/bachus_bundlecontextpros_index.xml

        <css src="Bachus_BundleContextPros::css/bundle_style_store1.css"/> //french store for exemple
        <css src="Bachus_BundleContextPros::css/bundle_style_store2.css"/> //English store
        <css src="Bachus_BundleContextPros::css/bundle_style_store3.css"/> //Russian store
  2. app/code/Bachus/BundleContextPros/view/frontend/web/i18n/fr_FR/css/bundle_style_store1.css



  3. Deploy the static content :

    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
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