When templates hints are turned ON , it is shown that


is responsible for


when I browsed to the loaction


There is Sidebar.php

Not Sidebar/Interceptor.php, which is expected from the block name conventions followed by magento.

Where can I find the file?

Also In which layout file the minicart.phtml file is defined?

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The classes that end with Interceptor, Proxy and Factory (but not all of them) may be found in generated/code folder.
They all look very similar.
But please don't change them because they get regenerated.

You will see that all Interceptor classes have the following characteristics:

They extend a class with the same as the current class except there is a missing "interceptor" at the end.
All methods in the interceptor look like this:

public function methodNameHere(parameters here)
    $pluginInfo = $this->pluginList->getNext($this->subjectType, 'methodNameHere');
    if (!$pluginInfo) {
        return parent::methodNameHere(parameters here);
    } else {
        return $this->___callPlugins('methodNameHere', func_get_args(), $pluginInfo);

This is a method to change the behavior of a function without changing the function itself.
Read more about code generation and plugins

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