For testing purpose, I'm writing my code in the following file.


    $objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();
    $filterableAttributes = $objectManager->create('Magento\Catalog\Model\Layer\Resolver');
    $layer = $filterableAttributes->get();
    $activeFilters = $layer->getState()->getFilters();
    echo "<pre>";
    echo "</pre>";

But it's empty even if two filters applied.


Please try the below code its working for me:

Below code will return the filters which are already applied to the category page or seach result page by customer, In magento you can say State

$objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();
$stateFilter = $objectManager->create('\Magento\LayeredNavigation\Block\Navigation\State');
$selectedFilters = $stateFilter->getActiveFilters();
foreach($selectedFilters as $filter){
    echo $filter->getName(); // Filter name like Color, Size etc
    echo $filter->getLabel(); // Filter value like Black, Blue, Small, Large etc
  • How to use above script as module? – zus Jan 27 at 16:58
  • Where will output display? – zus Jan 27 at 17:03
  • 1
    Create a module with template and add the above to code to your template file. For best practice inject the used class to your block class constructor and use it accordingly. – Sukumar Gorai Jan 27 at 17:08
  • Actually i integrated your code into my theme, where can i see the output? – zus Jan 27 at 17:11
  • where did you added the code? – Sukumar Gorai Jan 27 at 17:12

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