We have created a Website with Magento 2.2.3. The page-speed score of our website is too low. We have already have the followings with our website:

  1. Full Page Cache
  2. Varnish Cache
  3. Minify HTML and CSS
  4. Image Optimizer
  5. Memcache

Apart from the above, we are running our site in the Production mode. Though we have all the above said points with our site, the Page-speed score is too low. Please see the attached screenshot which is taken from GTmetrix.

enter image description here

I have followed the suggestions provided by GTmetrix but still the score is low.

Please comment with your suggestion to get better Page-speed score.


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You have already followed some steps regarding to page-speed score of website.

Please also try to follow bellow steps, This steps is also useful for improve page speed-up.

  1. Enable GZIP compression.
  2. Use Lazy Loading for images.
  3. Keep your Magento and 3rd party extensions up to date.
  4. Use sprite image instead of separate images of small icons.

I hope this will useful for you.:)


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