I have a legacy ERP in use here which has some challenges in how pricing is managed.

The ERP has a SOAP XML based API which I am using for stock checks throughout the checkout/ordering process. The API has a method for price but Magento doesn't really have the schema to store the multiple prices.

We use a mixture of configurable & simple products where we have configurable shown on the front end & simple as size options or if a product with no size options then we just use a configurable product.

Initially I am looking for advise on the best extension for M 1.9.2 that could allow multiple 'special_price' values to be stored against both the configurable & simple products identified by SKU's that are loaded by the front end based on the dates set against each price?

The use case for this is when we are in a business peak such as a sale, we can use a csv import to set the initial 'special_price attribute but as there is only one single 'special_price_from_date' attribute, we end up having to run a csv import whilst the front end of the site is busy with customers which is a very slow & drawn out process.

If we could import these in advance to a matrix of special price & date from, it would be a great time saver to the business & vastly improve processes.

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