I have created a custom attribute "color" and it has the values Red, Green, Blue. When I call /V1/products/:sku it shows the product details and also shows the custom_attributes{"attribute_code":"color","value":"74"}. I want the value of the attribute is "Red" instead of 74 (It's ID).


You need to try this code.

$_product = $productObject; //get product object

$optionId = 74;   
$attr = $_product->getResource()->getAttribute('color');
if ($attr->usesSource()) {
   $optionText = $attr->getSource()->getOptionText($optionId);
echo $optionText;
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  • where i used thid code? – Lovely Setia Jul 4 '18 at 13:42
  • You need to used the code, where you want option text. – Dhiren Vasoya Jul 4 '18 at 13:52
  • I want to get it on rest/V1/products/:sku response. – Lovely Setia Jul 5 '18 at 5:08
  • you need to set the code according to your requirement. May be you need to overide somethings or make custom code. – Dhiren Vasoya Jul 5 '18 at 5:18
  • If you have new question, then ask seprately, So other can also help you. – Dhiren Vasoya Jul 5 '18 at 9:59

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