I have created a crud model for custom table in a module but when i have called that model to do operations I am getting a error

public function __construct(Context $context , \Vendor\Modulename\Model\Doccountmodel $doccountfactory,  Session $customerSession)

        $this->_customerSession = $customerSession;
        $this->doccountfactory = $doccountfactory;
        parent::__construct ( $context );

public function execute(){
  $sampleModel = $this->doccountfactory->create();

    // Load the item with ID is 1
    $item = $sampleModel->load(1);


Replace in your your __construct signature this

\Vendor\Modulename\Model\Doccountmodel $doccountfactory

with this

\Vendor\Modulename\Model\DoccountmodelFactory $doccountfactory

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