I was just wondering if anyone knows about negative performance impacts of multiple <move /> statements in a theme's layout XML files. Sometimes the <move /> statement is even in the same file that the element that gets repositioned: it gets defined inside some block or container, and afterward moved somewhere else.

I often see XML files in a theme with like 20 <move /> statements per file, which results in 100+ <move /> statements per theme.

I was not able to find the place in the source code where they are handled, so I "assume" for the generation of the "whole" layout XML, that...

  • ...it's easy when <referenceBlock /> or <referenceContainer /> is used because a lot of the structure is already present in the XML
  • ...it's expensive when <move /> statements are used because Magento has to parse the XML tree over and over again and again

It would be nice if someone could point me where I can find this in the code, or even had some performance benchmarks or experience to share.

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