Fatal error: Cannot declare class Vendor\Modelname\ResourceModel\Doccount, because the name is already in use in /var/www/html/readyresale/app/code/Vendor\Modelname/Model/ResourceModel/Doccount.php on line 23

ResourceModel/Doccount.php file

namespace Vendor\Modulename\ResourceModel;

use Magento\Framework\Model\ResourceModel\Db\AbstractDb;

class Doccount extends AbstractDb
    protected function _construct()
        $this->_init ( 'documentcountable','id' );

model/Doccountmodel.php file

namespace Vendor\Modulename\Model;

use Magento\Framework\Model\AbstractModel;

class Doccountmodel extends AbstractModel
    public function _construct()
        $this->_init ( 'Vendor\Modulename\Model\ResourceModel\Doccount' );
  • can you please add code for this file? – Abhishek Panchal Jul 3 '18 at 15:03
namespace Vendor\Modulename\ResourceModel;


namespace Vendor\Modulename\model\ResourceModel;
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  • Thanks. This answer put me on the right track: My issue was that the namespace was simply wrong, i.e. I had put "Block" twice into the namespace. – Louis B. May 24 at 11:35

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