I need to add a ID or Class in the zip code input field on checkout page, but I can't find where this element is rendered.

Any suggestion?


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The input is rendered with: magento/module-ui/view/frontend/web/templates/form/element/input.html. While you could override it, it is used very broadly.

My recommendation is to specify a custom template. This would be done via the following approximate steps:

  • Copy the input.html into a module under a similar directory view/frontend/web/templates/...
  • Create checkout_index_index.xml and create a deep XML structure to target postcode and specify an elementTmpl. The last <item/>s are: shippingAddress > children > shipping-address-fieldset > children > postcode.
  • The postcode item would be something like this:

<item name="postcode">
    <item name="elementTmpl" xsi:type="string">MyCompany_MyModule/element/postcode</item>

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