I wanted to update a development magento2-installation (via "System Upgrade" in the Magento2 Backend), but the readiness check shows wrong paths under "Check Cron Scrips"

Error from Updater Application Cron Script:

Found non-writable path(s):

...there are two magento installations on the sftp:
(1) www.example.com mapped to /var/www/share/example.com and
(2) dev.example.com mapped to /var/www/share/dev.example.com

I started the setup from the backend of dev.example.org (not www.example.com), but it shows permissions errors for the magento installation for www.example.org?

Is there somewhere a configuration file where the path could be entered wrong for the dev.example.com shop? Or does magento just check all files it can reach somehow and the two webspaces would need to be placed in separate hosting packages? Or why does it try to read files from another unrelated* magento installation?

(*might have initially been cloned)

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