Magento prompts the password to be changes after 'X' days. How to change the value of admin dashboard password expiration period?


Admin: Stores -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Admin -> Security -> Password Lifetime(90 days by default)


you can also do this thing by CLI:

php bin/magento config:set admin/security/password_lifetime 0


The password lifetime is set by default to 90 days. It can be extended (or disabled) by going to Admin, Stores, Configuration, Admin, Security, Password Lifetime (days).

To disable this feature (not recommended) leave the field empty.


The password lifetime is set by default to 90 days. To change the password expiration lifetime:

  • Go to Stores > Configuration > Advanced (Admin).
  • Under Security section, change the value of Password Lifetime (days).

You can also disable this feature by leaving the value of this field empty.

If you do not want to force admin user to change the password, then you can change the value of Password Change from Forced to Recommended.

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