Does Magento 2 Commerce offer something in addition to what M2 Open Source offers in terms of Web APIs?

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AFAIK, Core WebAPI Structure for both Magento 2 Commerce and Magento 2 open Source is same but Magento 2 Commerce is more optimized in terms of scalability, security.

All the Modules that are available in both Magento 2 Commerce and Magento 2 open Source, have the Same API. As you can check using the below links:

List of REST APIs for Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce

But as we all know that Magento Commerce provide so many extra fetures as well like: Reward Point, RMA, GiftCard etc. So API is available for this modules as well:

List of REST endpoints for Magento Commerce

I checked the Magento Commerce feaure list and found this:

  • Leverage sample code to quickly create an Apple iOS 8+ app using Magento 2.0 APIs
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