Using the Luma theme. On the product page I want to move the "More information" content where it lists the attributes, into the first tab "Details".

I tried to use XML in catalog_product_view.xml

This puts it in a tab:

<move element="product.attributes" destination="product.info.details" />

This makes it go invisible:

<move element="product.attributes" destination="product.info.description" />

Is there a simple way?

Alternatively, I just want to remove the tabs altogether and make them headings instead.

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You have to make More information content section as child block of Details block, you have already done that using below query

<move element="product.attributes" destination="product.info.description" />

But now, you have to call this child block as description's template file attribute.phtml's child block,So you need to add below code

<?= $block->getChildhtml() ?>

Also, You need to change div structure of More information template file.

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