I have migrate database from Magento to Magento 2.2.3 via data-migration-tool and it went without any errors in proccess. Everythink I need was mograted to new database. But I have noticed that one of my custom customer attribute is not being saved. Neither in backend or programmatically via repository or facroty.

I've compare it's data in eav_attribute and in customer_eav_attribute tables with other attributes like firstname which are being saved fine and its similar. is_system value is set to false, so it can not be the case.

Is there somethink i'm missing or should I update this attribute? If so then how?

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I found out that in proccess of migration custom attributes does not get used_in_forms value so eventially it ended up that some custom attributes cannot be modified.

After adding new row to customer_form_attribute tables with values adminhtml_customer and attribute id the problem was fixed.

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